The Stanley Clarke Interview



My guest today is a Romantic Warrior from the city of brotherly love he roams the streets with his upright bass aware of the sounds of Philadelphia. Northern Soul, Folk Blues and Jazz.

He turns the corner to the earl Theatre where Wilbur Ware and James Garrison and Reggie Workman held it down for Sonny Rollins John Coltrane and Jimmy a Health.

My guest marinated in this Philly Groove which taught him to stand out, develop your own individual sound and be yourself. A modern man he became, helping to create A genre of music with The Band RTF which came to epitomize improvisational melodic invention played at turbulent rates in different tonalities and modalities. Some people call this fusion.

My guest has won awards and played with some of the most well recognized artists in the world. He has gone through different chapters of his life, finding his own spirituality and blending that with respect and gratitude which is hard work when the ego is at play.

He has seen the scene change from late night jam sessions and organ clubs which sustained the black community interest to today's modern game of music which is world travel to places like Japan and Europe where audiences still pay to participate in the universal language of music.

Stanley Clarke welcome to the JFS



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