The Steve Gadd Interview



When all my dime dancing is through I will drum for you. The person who might not play music but will dig what I'm doing.

You have to feel the music, or your passion, self medicate, learn new things, shed old skin and live to see the beauty of your palette.

My guest today is an all time great both in the studio and playing live. He learned this from cats like his peers Gap Mangione and some Sing A Long Junk from Paul Simon playing those South African rhythms swinging the band burning inside.

Maybe it was down on the lower east side playing with Herb Bushler and Joe Farrell going for this time across the Atlantic for a concert in Europe. Playing Post Hard Bop with modal magic that continues with all his friends who have gigged, jammed and communicated, Michael Urbaniak in the funk factory or playing along side Jimmy Madison in a black jazz...with horn arrangements and a great blend of Rock music with jazz aesthetics.

Ultimately when my wife was pregnant with my second daughter and I kept listening to the title track of Steely Dan's AJA the epic build between my guest and Wayne Shorter willed me to name her Aja. We named her after the song my guest drummed on. Oh and they did that in one take.

It could be a big White Elephant with
Warren Bernhardt, loft sessions, playing with Richard Tee or a Penny Arcade with Herb Bushler. Drum drops from the lap of Creed Taylor, Symphonic Soul with Hubert Laws

When all my dime dancing is through I'll drum for you Steve Gadd welcome to the JFS.


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