The Brian Auger Interview



How far is it to the end of the Universe? Maybe you'll get their by the Marakesh Express or swung into Oblivion.

The Universe is mind expanding and so is pure jazz which mixes all musics in an improvisational fire storm that incorporates European Classical and The only art form this country has ever had- African Swing Music.

My guest today is one of the heaviest keyboardists of all time. He took all the influences of soul music, rhythm and blues, James Brown modal chromatic chordal configurations of sound on album after album after album.

You'll know when you get their when you no longer have to figure out why you were put on this earth. When that purpose becomes evident then you follow that path like my guest did like a steam locomotive coming down the track.

Laying on his Hammond B-3 playing great jazz tunes and uptempo positive karma rhythms with cats from London where the Trinity and gigs with John McLaughlin.

Being a leader coming up with a melody, swinging the band seeking to expand universal consciousness one ear drum at a time.

Whenever Your Ready Brian Auger welcome to the Jake Feinberg Show...


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