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The Mike Barone Interview



Sicily is 17 miles from the coast of Africa which is where the origins of rhythm lie. The ancestral heritage of that country bled into the soul of my guests family who came to this country to play straight ahead, pulsating melodic invention, syncretic music engrained in New Orleans, supported by the mob and appreciated across the world.

My guest is a bone player who came up as an original left coast All-Star with Stan Levey and Conte Condoli, Leroy Vinnegarand Shelly Manne Gerald Wilson and Monk Montgomery.

Guys who pioneered blues music in the army. Driving pulsating rhythms into Europe and Asia and then bring it back to the states where clubs like Donte's and The Lighthouse and The Manne Hole supported the music night in and night out playing My guests charts and Emil Richards odd time signatures and Gabe Baltazars swinging saxophone.

My guest was doing it before I was born playing with his brother drawing a long lineage back to mother Africa where we all descend from.

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