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The Alex Stewart Interview



The life of a life musical performer playing Syncretic Music or Melodically improvising or playing your ass off its all music.

My guest today has continually put himself out there for the world to see either in metrics, instrumentation, cultural authenticity and peppering audiences with notes channeling his true nature with Dizzy Gillespie and Dee Dee Bridgewater.

And while  being brought in and closed out of different scenes my guest strove for individual sound in both music and research.

He has written authoritative material on the impact and influence of Big Bands during their heyday continuing that tradition today here in Burlington working with a band part Dixie Swing Part Classical Part Blues.

He has written on the origins of Afro-Beat. The pulsating rhythms fused by James Brown and Fela Kuti and to a lesser extent Hugh Masekela and Roy Ayers. Tony Allen holding it down with Fela vamping with that Gallop.

I sit with my guest today in his office at The University of Vermont hoping that my guests realizes the bravery and individuality he has exhibited through the years. To speak your mind on the bandstand and in the classroom and all over the world is legacy. The divine is love and love is leadership, love and life.

Alex Stewart Welcome to the Jake Feinberg Show



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