JFS #183 The Scarlet Rivera Interview



Most people think of the violin as a classical instrument. Most classical cats are pretty uptight. It takes someone with unbridled passion and bravery to step outside and swing down a lazy river road, through the heart of Memphis, or play rock with jazz asthetics.

Because when you play the blues you have to throw the book away. My guest came from an era when you could be an impoverished improviser.  The tale end of the Beats were still around to expand consciousness and live their own way in a slowly conforming society.

Work at a bus station or play some timbales or do lots of conscious altering chemicals that pretty soon there's Thunder Rolling Across the plain swept prairies that my guest played @ with Bob Dylan.

It was Dylan who discovered my guest as she was on her way to a Latin Boogaloo on the Lower East Side of Manhatten. Can you really play? My guest had no time to think only rest on the past which she exhibited a selfless true nature that created Kharma over years that led to this unfolding Dharma tic collection of experiential learning.

Going from an literal feisty street hustler to cutting albums with Bernard Pretty Purdie and Dee Dee Bridgewater. If she had crossed seconds earlier the encounter never would have happened. Nothing is strange, only strangely familiar. Scarlet Rivera welcome to the JFS.



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