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JFS #180 The Kenny Malone Interview



My show has been dedicated to entrepreneurs. Creators of percussive instruments that increase the sonic nature of music. The "Mark Tree" and the water phone, the Gravity Adjusters Expansion Band and New Music of the West.

My show has also been dedicated to  the congero. The hand drum that was introduced to this country by Dizzy Gillespie when he brought Chano Pozo to the states. The same can be said for Armando Peraza who started with George Shearing then Cal Tjader and eventually his own career.

My show has also been dedicated to the original masters like Buddy Rich and Earl Palmer, Max Roach and Cozy Cole, Elvin Jones and Ron Tutt. Guys who played light but fierce. Using smaller sticks and playing less notes but finding a way t contribute to the session and elevate the music to a higher level.

My guest today fits into all three of these dedicated themes. He is a creator of rhythm using one hand to create the beat which frees up his other hand to add splashes of colors and polyrhythms to create space within the music. He has made many of his own drums out of barrels and clay.

My guest is a congero in his own right. He developed his chops seeing the world in the US Navy Band touring South America and other middle world continents where the intoxicating sounds of Mongo Santamaria pulsated my guests brain. He has used the cungas in non traditional country settings or bluegrass settings since settling down in Music City USA in 1970.

And like the original masters he can swing the band in an authentic fashion because of feel. He has enhanced countless sessions from Doc and Merle Watson to Ray Charles and Vassar Clements, from Tony Joe White to Billy Joe Shaver and Hargus Pig Robbins.

Here remains as active as ever in today's music business. Helping mentor younger musicians on the less technical aspects of swing- those being love, life, leadership and lineage.

Live from Nashville, TN- Kenny Malone welcome to the JFS.


Kenny Malone [Download]


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