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The Terry Gibbs Interview



My guest today has been a band leader for over 60 years. He made his name playing the vibes which is this hosts favorite instrument.

It's a percussion instrument with a warm sound and can be played in a trio setting the way Red Norvo did with Tal Farlow and Mingus or in a Quintet setting like Cal Tjader did with Armando Peraza, Al mcKibbon and Dick Birk.

It fits into all types of musical settings and it was popularized by my guest by his virtuosic approach and an ability to create an output within the big band ensemble.

My guest today is a lover of people. He has an insatiable desire to play music you can tap your foot to. That's what Jack Kleinsinger told me about my guest. He's played on the east coast and west during the heyday of bebop and swing. His peers include Bill Holman and Chet Baker, Jimmy Rowles and Ray Brown, Milt Jackson and Harold Land.

These cats had to sing for their supper because if they didn't sing there would be nothing left to eat.

My guest was a relentless entertainer and musician. He created a following through his gesticulations and banter along with a Jitterbug Waltz when music was made for dancing. His collaborations with Steve Allen and Star Time increased his name recognition in the often obscure world of improvisational swing or melodic invention.

He continues to be a link in the chain
For younger musicians who are searching for something to say. There are no more live clubs on every corner of urban America, there are no longer 1 month residencies at the London House or Howard Rumsey's Lighthouse or Lord Chumleys and the barriers and stratification that have been put up in music hurt the ability for experimentation and chance taking because mega money has superseded quality art, pacification rules the day as opposed to the visceral culture that was visible on Market Street in Chicago or Harlem. Ultimately the ego has superseded the music in that individuals now project their own monster chops at the expense of the accompanists, the listening and the love.

This is why lessons in life from the old guard are key. It's why my guests son plays with venerable grey beards Ron Carter, Kenny Barron and Ron McClure......time for some good vibes. Terry Gibbs welcome to the JFS.



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