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The Matt Fuller Interview



My guest today survives in the world of music because of his open mindedness  when it comes to musical settings.

In an early time he probably would have been picked up by one of the Titans and caravan around the world playing 3 sets a night at some club. His identity would be one known by the records he did as an accompanist and the photos. His identity would be his unique sound that would enable him to live comfortably in some urban Mecca taking in the foghorns of the bay or the Sun striking the mountain tops high above Morrison where some mushroom addled youth would be on the other side of Abbey Road.

But my guest is living during this age of empowerment. He is unable to peg or pigeon hole because he deftly moves across the musical spectrum which now consists of   Aakash Mittal, Greg Harris' funky vibe quintet, the Colorado Symphony Orchestra, Duos and Trios within the milieu of constant pleasures and pains.

The great mandolin player David Grisman said, "if you want to have a band then you need to have a gig." In today's world a band is an expensive proposition so my guest consistently reintroduces himself to audiences at schools, universities and Sunday @ Vic's.


Matt Fuller [Download]


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