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JFS #179 The Oliver Ray Interview



Art is to be shared and not to be judged. Shared in a world of non conformity with others who bring their own gifts to a project.

In the case of my guest he is saint maybe his hardest critic because he at a relatively early age got his feet wet under the tutelage of Patti Smith and Lenny Kaye and Allan Ginsberg: he experienced the power of music as transcendental and knows that this can only manifest through mystery, mysticism and authenticity.

This is easy to say but hard to do as I watch my guest warm up his fingers plucking the chords to Little Sadie or feeding off the symbol work of Winston Watson or Transcending Sunship Woodrow Theus. He is deliberate but impatient, mellow but edgy, enlightened but humbled by his experiences knowing that when you put yourself out naked, exposed for all to see the emperor in fact has clothes.  Cowboy Neal on a bus to never never land........

Oliver Ray welcome to the JFS...


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