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JFS #177 The Bayete Todd Cochran Interview


I sit here today in BBS totally humbled. Humbled by the fact that my searching for authenticity has led me to an iconic figure.

I really am awed by the fact that my guest was submerged in one of the greatest regional music scenes in our countries history. The Bay Area - the intermeshing of the ethnic fabric that is/should be this country. This is something I have covered relentlessly on this program but to hear someone speak of it so eloquently is a treat.

Sonic Wizardry was abound with the likes of Herbie Hancock, George Duke and my guest. A cat who went from a Rhodes to a Moog back to the isotopic fender with Bobby Hutchersons vibes providing the Sun for the World.

He has become a change agent, knowing that by activating your true nature will lead to unforeseen highs of enlightenment. He knows that if the water sits things don't grow, you have to turn the water because its easy going downstream but harder heading up.

My guest is a transcending spirit who like Sonship will be forever creating. Be it with Michael Shrieve or Harold Land or Hadley Caliman.

The re-release of Worlds Around The Sun again affirms my beliefs in art advocacy, having the creative ability in conjunction with others of like mind to push the boundaries of mortality. Beginning to fuse the line with immortal but being humbled time and again when they flub a note in the late set at the Keystone Korner or can't keep their ego in check and realizing they have been on this path and they have put their dreams into action and they reinforce that dreams do come true.

Bayete  Umbra Zindiko welcome to the JFS



Listen to an excerpt of the Bayete Todd Cochran Interview:

Bayete Todd Cochran [Download]


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