Cobham – Gone Campin’ with Billy Cobham


As the lizards lie underneath my porch on the back patio I sit here sweating in 100 degree weather I think about my guest and his perception of nature, his perception of art and his perception of the human.

His perception of nature is one of beauty on inside and outside. He is one to extend a hand and help fellow musicians when they are struggling to find unison in Tempo and Time. Work together because its all in how you look at things. Could be peeling potatoes or playing the drums are you going to do something to your fullest no matter what the task?

My guest does not fight nature, he did at one time. Made mistakes, figured out how deep the hole was how to get out and how did he get there in the first place?

His perception of art helps him let go of control, sharing the stage, listening to George Duke or Rick Fiberachi or John Abercrombie.

His taste in musicianship allows for touring for the last 5 decades. Appreciated more in Europe and Asian but heck Jazz is a white term for a black music.

WorldFusion is now the goal of my guest. Get real people together for an extended period of time work things out and feel, feel what it's like to contribute to a higher concept.

Maybe you do it naturally maybe with Chemicals. that perception of the human. The human being is imperfect weather we allow  ourselves to believe it or not. But the human existence is at the core of my guests heart. Put your deepest focus forward in anything you do. Always challenge yourself by putting yourself in diverse situations and know you will not be loved by all for these reason but for different reasons.

I am not a drummer but I am a journalist with an agenda to get out in front philosophically as it relates to wisdom, leadership and longevity.

...Oh and summer camps too like the one my guest is hosting this summer for able bodied men and woman who will have the accessibility to these master musicians.




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