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The Nadene Pita Interview



How to stand out in the digital age? Maybe it's easier then I think if your a musician - especially one imploring contemporary cross cultural improvisation. Playing traditional classical instruments with a trap set or Cunga drums or synthesizers reminiscent of Dr. Patrick Gleason.

The intermeshing of classical, vocaleese, world and electronic music that then does not get pressed but digitized and strung out in a long line of Apple distribution. Except the music my guest performs does not relate to the barrier laden poll tested modern bull fight of consolidated radio.

It's genre bending, and that in and off itself is contrary to the play it safe, pacification of the music business. My guests music lays out in chapters with polyphonic and rhythmic persuasion creating haunting space within each individual tune allowing the music to breath and consciousness to expand.

This is what Coltrane was doing. Exploring the full thesaurus of scales  borrowing from all musics to open the ears of a listener. Same thing with Tony Williams, and Stephane Grappelli and Mel Torme, and the great classical composers of the 18th Century.

I do t think my guest believes she has transcended to the level of Trane but she is fearless and unique and its that pursuit of authenticity that is unquantifiable. It's that dedication To individual voice and sound that can lead to a Lonely Avenue and an Expressway to Your Heart.

Because if your touching the heart in the age of digitization then your ahead of the game which cycles through the endless, faceless, emotionless deep eternal hole of the Sea which carries you to New Zealand, Australia, London, Taipei, India and the States.

A child is born a star shines bright and its that bright shine that captivates audiences and begins to lay that foundation which will eventually hold a mansion full of self expression by Nadene Pita. Welcome to the JFS.


Nadene Pita [Download]


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