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The Lane Tietgen Interview



Calling all unsung heroes. That's right, you over there who can read music and write compositions with something to say.

Unsung heroes have been prevalent on the JFS, Guys who oozed the cosmic plasma of listening to each other. When everyone is listening then and only then can magic occur.

My guest today is a listener, singer, song writer and individualist. He could have chosen the route of Studio City, playing sessions, getting union scale and an identity.

He chose not to do this rather making a big imprint on the musical landscape during the days that mixed race bands had crossover appeal because they could play at some upholstered sewer in Cape Cod for a week two weeks- a month. His imprint is also attributable to the fact that people like Arif Mardin, Jerry Wexler, Norman Granz and Saul Zaentz were business men who understood the musicians craft. They saw the bigger picture, both sonically and sociologically. They wanted to make money but they understood the lineage that exists in music and when those links are missing.

You see when links are missing it begins to dilute our cultural heritage, music serves to pacify instead of elevate consciousness. When the individual supersedes the music then no one is listening and no magic can occur. Trust me, Mingus, Roach and Dizzy are convulsing in their graves.

My guest plays with his band in Marin County these days for fun. What a concept? How do you think real music is made?

Recently he has been writing some songs with former bandmate and collaborator Mike Finnegan who continues to use my guests tunes on his own albums.

Calling all unsung heroes Lane Tietgen welcome to the JFS


Tietgan [Download]

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