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The Johnny Clegg Interview



Freedom Riders, the classic Art Blakey album, honoring those who were brave enough to go into the deepest pockets of Racism and Bigotry in our country for a cause. The equal rights that each of of us has in this country.

In mother Africa this is not the case and in recent years progress has been made by artistic expressions from my guest who has sought to cleverly and nimbly traverse the ethnic musical fabric of his native land and the West. Cross collaborations

Rhythms of Resistance.....

They are fearful of the positive impact it could have on younger more open minded generations of South Africans.

We take freedom for granted in the states and often forget that true repression and savagery exists only in perceiving that you are less fortunate rather then seizing on these opportunities. Real Dharma, true nature comes from inside those who are unafraid to educate, advocate and communicate in live musicals settings where my guest has gained lots of experience finding his own voice and developing his own sound.

Not nativist but a combination of Zimbabwe and Great Britain, More Roll than Rock building on experiential learning and an understanding growing up of the fallibility of all human beings.

He's coming to perform here in Tucson on May 7th @ The Fox Theatre.

Johnny Clegg welcome to the JFS


Johnny Clegg [Download]


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