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In the annals of guitar players each has their own individual sound. Most beg, steal or borrow licks they learned along the way from Otis Rush, Wes Montgomery and Chet Atkins.

Then the individual takes over and takes all they have learned and add their own unique twist which helps sets them apart from the 5 billion other Pickers out there.

My guest today is no thief but a master of blending, which he got from an early age in the Midnight Moonlight when bleed through radio stations would come across his dial streaming the sounds of Butterfield and Coltrane and The Kingston trio in a free form assault.

When my guest picked up his axe he began to assimilate and ease into different musical settings. He came of age when surfing, psychedelics  were conjoining with the British Invasion. When Tiny Tim opened at the Isle of White for Miles Davis.

Diversity through musical language is my guests forte. Space is relished so he can push melodic improvisation with Brian Blade at a blues tavern in Somerville in the late nineties while this host sulked in his beer not yet attune to the broad palette that improvisational music is.

After college I started to collect LPs which is no longer a  based industry like it is in Europe where The echoes of Eberhard Weber and Stephane Grapelli become links in a chain that is a daisy chain of Barney Kessel and Tal Farlow  Kenny Burrell and John Lee Hooker.

My guest is relentless and adaptable to the economic realities of music. He fits in well and takes a lead, he has good rhythm and he can improvise. He probably could solo the whole show but my guest always surrounds himself with cats who can stretch out, play a standard in any tempo and pass the peas like the JBs.

He is coming to Tucson to educate and pay tribute to jazz legend Jim
Hall who now talks with the spirits about who's putting in time on planet earth. Bill Frizell Welcome to the JFS



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