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Finns Again: Part II with Mike Finnigan



Finns Again

Don't turn your back on love as the old country boy would say except now the country boy is made to look like a cowboy a manufactured boy who as Russell Smith told me ain't no cowboy.

The point here is authenticity. When you go onstage do you connect with the spirit inside you. What are you talking about? Is it made up candy corn or the real thing.

The magic still exists because of musicians like my guest. He brings an effortless joy to the bandstand, singing gospel bluegrass wearing a Dodger jersey with Stephen Stills, or in an opera of Phantoms with Taj Mahal or with David Crosby or Roger Jelly Roll Troy.

Don't be blinded by the light because my guest has a lot to say. Can jazz music, an inherent street music be played in Suburbia @ a mall - or is there a harvesting of new odd ball locations like Tucson which inherently attract a lot of quirky people.

But make no mistake the days of playing Boston and Cape Cod for a month is over. A weeks engagement @ The Both/And with the Brotherhood is long gone in this country. Playing over @ 2nd city with Alan Arkin and Rich Fudoli....gimme a little a bill doggett. How bout a little Pine Top Perkins with a little Richard Manuel on the side.

Inevitably your soulfulness is what gets you through the good times and bad. When your down your up and when your up your down. And when your playing live cut it loose and see if that real country boy comes out.....you might be surprised.

Mike Finnegan welcome back to the JFS


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