JFS #164 The Lee Oskar Interview



The mystic inside the all seeing eye across the Atlantic to the burning shores of Venice Beach and The Drum Circles at Griffith Park
Where Papa Dee Allan  was playing his conga Drumz and Jimmy Witherspoon was playing a police union benefit with my guest.

I've had a few harp players on the program. Matt Kelly played with John Lee Hooker, haven't gotten to Toots but today I talk to a mystic. A visionary of sorts musically speaking  finding his own individual sound within the ranks of the West Coast Afro-Soul Contingent War.

The loosest funkiest group in LA staying with the groove even as Jerry Goldsmith was screaming

Just like Jan Hammer from praque and Larry Vucavich from Yugoslavia or Airto from Brazil my guest immigrated to this country from Denmark and he found his brotherhood.



Listen to an excerpt of the Lee Oskar Interview:

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