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Turn, Turn, Turn…



As I turn 36 years old it is apparent that I have found my voice. This was a relatively slow growing process that continues and will for years to come.


Finding my voice has put me in some unscrupulous positions along the way And I can say with certainty that I played a role in getting into those positions.


Now Im rolling, going across America highlighting the jazz, blues, soul and country musicians who played and learned under Monk, Mingus, Sam Cooke, Bill Monroe and Muddy Waters. The names stretch from Mike Longo to Mike Finnigan from Tony Saunders to Calvin Keys from Babatunde Lea to Neil Diamente. From Bobby Weir to Dr. John, fromTaj Mahal to Deva Mahal.


Their answers to my at times wandering line of questioning informs me and my brotherhood that while less connected technologically this generation had a whole lot more heart and humanity!


Call it what you want, it's the values, leadership and relentless creation these artists procure that drive me to higher focus points, less streamlining and an understanding that non-conformity melded with having something to say leads to new sonic ideas from the souls of people not the apparatus.


New ideas and new found truths exist on this my 36th birthday. So far 2014 has brought Jorma Kaukonen, David Bromberg and Bobby Womack. Former NY Football Giant Glen Parker has been in the studio and "JFS on Assignment" has continued from Wintercount, AZ to The Good Shephard Church in Sahuarita.


The point is, this thing is just getting started like a slow rolling snowball the JFS is a worldwide radio show. To date we have 200 registered members with many of them brand new to The JFFN.


So please help support the JFS so I can continue to reach larger audiences of people who are searching for leadership, love and a willingness to be themselves.


Love Always,