JFS #149 The Pete Sears Interview



Save something for the children, so says my guest, maybe a song for Wounded Knee or the fundamental respect of basic human rights and the historical significance of the indigenous people.

Let the Dove Fly Free so says my guest. On the wings of a dove which carries the melodic fiddle of Papa John Creach or riding the tiger with Jimmy Hendrix in a smokey lounge with a Hammond Organ swirling the liquid fusion of musical styles that brought my guest and his long lost bass to the States.

He is one of the most unheralded multi instrumentalists to come out of the melting pot that was San Francisco.

Every picture tells a story and the one painted by my guest is a blanket of Ansley Dunbar fills, blues piano with Steamhammer, original scores for Documentary and a little late night Moonalice @ The Sail Inn.

It reaches beyond the music with my guest who has made it his mission to fight for human rights causes and remember the leaders who fought for their own people. He shares this attitude with Peter Rowan and Grace Slick, David Nelson and Babatunde Olatunji.......save the whales, save the streams, save the drinking water for my kids and yours and do it through music.....strong music from Jon Hiseman, John McLaughlin and Dave Holland.


Pete Sears, welcome to the JFS




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