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Bill Monroe was the father of Bluegrass, John Lee Hooker was one of the forefathers of blues. Sam Cooke for rhythm and blues and Charlie Parker, Thelonius Monk for jazz.

How about world music specifically Indian Ragas. Ravi Shankar is an undoubted forefather as is his drum mate Allah Rakka the father of Zakir Hussain those cats influenced Psychadelic rock jazz and classical music because of the polyrhythms and the clear improvisation that is evident to John Handy, Pete Magadini, Charles Lloyd and the late Colin Walcott.

In this hosts mind the greatest and most unsung forefather of Indian music is Ali Akbar Khan who believed everyone deserved an education. Saw it as a basic part of human existence. He felt so strongly about this that he opened a school right in Berkeley amidst the hipsters, flipsters and finger poppin daddies who learned tables from Mahaparush Mishra and Sarod from Ali Akbar Khan.

The place acted as a polyrhythmic monastery. People walked out enlightened whether they were the most dedicated musician or scholar it fostered a community where many local musicians did concerts to help support the school.

My guest today is the most accomplished Sarod player in the world. He grew up in British India but knew from a young age that he would play the same instrument as his father. He decided that if that was the case then he better practice, mutter, speak the rhythms even before he could pick up the instrument. Under the tutelage of his grandfather he learned rhythm to create space within music and project.

Be it a stage in the country side of India or The Hollywood Bowl the sonic nature of my guests playing reverberates within the ear drum and back out in a loop of concentric circles that helped fuse Shanti and the Third Eye, Carrying on classical Indian music but fusing with Jazz and Bossa rhythms when he came to the states in the 60s

He continues to play all over the world and teach at The California Institute for the artists.

Aashish Khan, its an honor to have you on the JFS



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