JFS #156 The Jason Gallagher Interview


*Photo Courtesy of Cory Schwartz


Too often in life we desire bigger things failing to see what we have in front of us. Unable to appreciate how far you and your bandmates have come. Can you see the growth and painstaking groans of a space bound child sent flying at a summer music festival or the Brooklyn Bowl.

Blue Eyed Soul was Boz Scaggs gig but my guest is doing the Blue Eyed Blues.... sticktuitiveness that resembles the gritty industrial ragtime of Kingston, NY that brought about folk trios emulating Peter Paul and Mary and produced offspring who are pissing on the constitution trying to stand out in the age of digitization.

Interconnectivity is good in the sense it can put your faces up with an article for all to see but what about feel? Isn't that what Leroy's music is all about. They have evolved from a standard lay den play it safe group to a close down beer tavern honky tonk bar band. Delta Blues with a Chicago Shuffle, a Southern Rock flair with a little bit of Hudson Valley gumption that carries the music and the spirits from town to town and city to city.

What do you have to say for yourself. You gonna be a cover band or your own band. Can you support your fellow comrades and reach that transcendental place as a collective unit? The more that happens the more the band will grow but that takes everyone willing to put themselves out there, taking chances they may not have taken before.

All good things in all good time Jason Gallagher welcome to the JFS.



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