JFS #153 On Assignment with Glen Moore



Location: Winter Count, AZ

The true nature reveals itself all the time. It is the process by which you are able to look in the mirror and not look back except to promote the values of Elvin Jones, Colin Walcott and my guest.

To swing was never s question for my guest as well. It just mattered that it feels good. Music of Another Present era is finding your true nature in the music of Oregon a band that continues today and reaches into the breach of classical music with jazz changes using world instruments or maybe Ralph Towner on Ringmodulator.

My guest was born and raised in Portland and at an early age connected with Native American Jim Pepper who's free spirit is in the same vein as Leon Thomas, Carmen MCrae and rasa an Roland Kirk.

The records I own in which guest is featured allow me to expand consciousness and be more at peace to discover my true nature.

Oregon is a band that features Polyrhythms and Odd Time they were an acoustic counterpoint to the electronic development of Mahavishnu in the early seventies.

The ability to express yourself in a non verbal fashion enhances your perception of man and the music. At times the music takes over,  the player knowing that it comes from another space or place and trusting in that sincerity.

I sit here today in Winter Count, AZ with my guest in a true desert oasis. A camp of the earth and the indigenous. To remain connected to the cosmos then you must remained grounded to the earth knowing that if you don't practice the wood upright bass will humble you.



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