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How late will you play to till Mr. Bojangles? Maybe till their waltzing the last time @ the Winterland Ballroom or being Hillbilly Jazzers out on the farm with Vassar Clements.

Turn on your porch light Angel band because its time for some pickin' be it dobro, mandolin, guitar or fiddle. Jerry Jeff Walker said man made string instruments for fingers like my guest. Needling and jamming on Mt. Tamapalais with Jerry Garcia David Crosby, and George Harrison.

Or earlier back east when my guest majored in musicology and wound up in the smokey sealed basement of the Reverend Gary Davis, just like Jorma Koukonen.

Learning how to perform, without being spastic and breathing like a yogi. Knowing that the music is larger then he and his wife so much so that he would take his bands to the Golden Bear,  honky tonk bars in San Jose where old Country boys like Willie Nelson and Delbert Mclinton were waiting with instruments a joint and the link to Bill Monroe and John Lee Hooker or a Catskills Serenade that when delivered several years ago @ the Fox Theatre here in Tucson brought this host to tears.

It's called love, the same love shown by a mercurial mayor of Wilmington, DE who pleaded with my guest to come revitalize a town he couldn't recognize anymore.

Buy this property, fix it up again and again and again - turn it into the leading violin historical museum in the western world, ignore the guns and drugs and oh maybe even have the gumption to start having impromptu jam sessions on Market Street which in fact reinvigorated my guest after over two decades of studying, listening to Levon Helm and getting a an old "what have you done for me lately from Lake Michigan.

Authenticity is a good character trait and one that's hard to come by. Everybody seems to be looking for an angle, it's not about keeping up with the Jones' it's making sure the Jones' never have that chance to stay all night, stay a little longer and dance to the hot licks of Herb Ellis, Joe Pass, Barney Kessel and my guest.

He knows as well as I do that if you got something good and your too stupid to know any better you will probably walk into something special.

He's on his way back to Tucson this March and like Paul Revere will be astomping, dancing and hollering to anyone who will listen about where music and magic intersect.

David Bromberg welcome to the JFS



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