The Charles Lloyd Interview



High above the seas lies The Geeta land. One that thrives on epiphanies, and work ethic and woodshedding like Sonship Woody Theus.

It is a land found by some but only then do you become an innovator a continual seeker continual expansion of sound and mind, polyrhythms and with Ron mcclure's acoustic bass lockin the groove of my guests quartet.

My guest is part of Geeta Land which started in Memphis right in the middle of racial strife which he never understood because he came from the same school of leadership as Harold Maburn, Frank Strozier and Booker Little.

In essence my guests is one of the forefathers of blending all musics. He has constantly worked on a balance between survival and spiritualism performing music from another world, a moon man with big imprints on younger cats like Blackbyrd McKnight and Sunship Woody Theus who strive to survive playing street music in a general downturn within urban metropolis' which fostered Flowers @ Monterey.

My guest headlined shows @ The Fillmore or Avalon Ballroom sharing bills with psychedelic honky tonk bar bands and Malo which featured Hadley Caliman.

The natural inclination of the mind is to move towards a place of greater happiness. In this hosts mind enlightenment comes from how you react to adversity. Having both feet on the ground with Wolfgang Meltz and all the studio cats and still performing @ The MIM with Zakir Hussain.

Charles Lloyd, welcome to the JFS



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