The Jorma Kaukonen Interview



Individualism is key in all art. To be individualistic you must borrow from others which means you have to get inside their world and become more secure because of the insecurity. You are humbled not by the money or name recognition but because of the genuine article. The good Reverand Gary Davis who sits somewhere high stop the Fur Peace Rance drinkin whiskey smoking a cigar and mentoring my guest.
About how to handle yourself in live settings even if your playing in a bar... in front of five people with a combined total of 3 teeth. How to carry yourself, to be yourself and forever create.
Expanding sound has always been  on of my guests priorities. He uses a finger pick technique that creates a Rosen scented Oz of skin to string. The direct physical contact without any accoutrements. These acoustic performances blend folk with blues and the remnants of legal LSD which was the Crown of Creation in the Bay Area. My guest was a member of Jefferson Airplane which was a band that mushroomed out of the melting pot movements of the late sixties. They amplified sound out of speakers at the old Fillmore all While being immersed with peers who also had large sonic palettes like Santana, Garcia, and Papa John Creach. My guest learned to sing his mind verse after verse after verse and then extrapolate off of that with Jack Casady and one Hot Tuna seared medium rare with a side power trio that has the proficiency but also the love needed to make authentic music.
Recently my guest found his groove @ Levon Helm's recording studio and performance venue where he recorded his CD River of Time as the weeping willows cast their shadows on the banks green edge.
Hot Tuna and Leon Russell will be @ the Rialto theatre Jan 24th here in Tucson. Jorma Kaukonen welcome to the JFS




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