The Bob Weir Interview…..


The entertainer, the one who stares into that distant fantasy. The one who can block out the distractions of the mind and knock on the golden door.

The one who can out stamina everybody else in the room dripping through a purple izod and pointing to the promised land.

The one who can love and take care of their fellow comrades even when they are ailing and ashes all fall down.

The one who can perform on big and small stages for the better part of 5 decades. He has gone on tours of the Rocky Mountain west and stopped over in Santa Fe.

Never too lazy to crow for days my guest has continued to evolve and grow as both a musician and a person. His gumption and perseverance sings outta sight and offers inspiration to those who seek paths towards further consciousness and he's coming to
Tucson, performing @ the Fox Theatre Feb. 27th.

Bob Weir welcome to the JFS



Thank you to Brent and Jerry for their help! See you around. JF



Listen to an excerpt of the Bob Weir Interview:

Bob Weir [Download]


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