The Rich Fudoli Interview



The truth reveals's revealed in the body of work that you put out there to the masses.
For musicians Before interconnection this was done via vinyl records, regional radio and lots of late night jam sessions with musicians who thrived on individuality, unique sound and authentic presentation.
Their bodies weren't decorated with
Company logos nor was there much discussion of monies. If music is to be played then play it with unabashed power and glory with an emphasis on being yourself and knowing that the cream always rises to the top.
If your not a doer you judge and there's not much worse in this world then judgement being rendered by those who are not doers. Their vantage point is flawed from the beginning because they themselves are just insecure, afraid to put themselves out there and lead for the sake of swinging the band....their sitting on their balls critiquing those who chose to stand up and stir the drink of music and magic.
My guest today is a doer, always has been,  collaborating with the likes of Llew Mathews, Bobby Christian, Phil Upchurch, Cleveland Eaton, George Marsh and Mel Graves.
He might be playing a ghost opera by day and then a big band gig at night. Blowing ideas in a sequence that borrows from Coleman and Bird and
Getz but has the inner light of a prophet guided by sight unseen or heard.
His career has encompassed the last  1/2 century with stints in the hottest  beds of regional American Music. He has played in front of 5 people 500 people, 5000 people and now he gets to talk to Jake Feinberg. Welcome Rich Fudoli...



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