The Clifford Coulter Interview


On my program the Bay Area has been a major focus of my journey to a land before my time. The heliport, Denny Zeitlin, Vovo, Sly Stone, Jacks on Sutter, Jimbo's Bop City, Wally Heider Studios and so much more.
Yet, another part of the Golden Bay is San Jose which had it own regional music scene separate from San Francisco. East Side San Jose, the gospel and blues coming out of the church and night clubs churning notes that were Fixing to Die with Hamstrung Guitar and a Hammond Organ with the Leslie Speaker swirling goodness to the masses who could take in the music live and see the likes of John Lee Hooker, Mel Brown, Boz Scaggs, Steve Miller, Linda Tillery, B.B. King, John Turk, Cornelius Bumpus and Michael White.
Floating between genres my guest has always tried to convey a spirit of oneness, inclusiveness and sophistication. This has been in different neighborhoods, in different towns, different cities all over the world. When you combine  His mind creation and  soul creation you get a heart that beats  in polyrhythms determined to pump energy and love to all those he comes across.
Clifford Coulter welcome to the JFS




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