JFS #97 The Bob James Interview…..



With the passing of Dave Brubeck this week it brought again to the forefront the idea of bold conceivers.

Those who can compose and arrange and orchestrate. Those who can read music and those who have that element of street music the swagger, the smoothness, the focus.

The ability to listen to the hip cake bass lines of Gary King.  the opportunity to conduct and arrange big bands for movie soundtracks and national television programs and the occasional wah wah pedal  parts for the old farmer Joe Beck.

My guest today is a bold conceiver who caught the eye of Quincy Jones at a music festival in Indiana. His trio in the mid-sixties was the most formidable in the mid west. Somewhere Dave is smiling!

My guest was a  core component of Creed Taylor's stable of musicians. His music was the fusing of rock and jazz with the implementation of symphonic sound. It epitomized the early seventies and brought to prominence the classic breakbeat albums that crate diggers lust for.

It has continued to Blood Sweat and Tears to Earl Klugh to Harvey Mason to funk in a mason jar to Grover Washington in north Philadelphia wailing away with Richard Tee.

The visceral quality of music is evident everyday of my life. Its that place in music where you listen and hear. You can hear the intuitive senses to support, listen and lead. And you can listen to the endorphins  popping as the collective unit reaches the height of the climax.

Bob James welcome to the JFS....



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