JFS #147 The Brett Bush Interview


As we approach an intergenerational Scatico reunion I won't be able to take direct part in it.
I thought it best to release an interview that has been tucked away in the vault for several years.

It went down in the East Village of NYC with Brett Bush . Winter of 2012.

Bush is a household name with Scatico Gen X'ers because of his character, his father and  a larger extended family that straddled both boys side and girls.

The excerpt reveals Brett and myself obviously juiced up. We were confronted by several interesting cats including a surprise Scaticonian! Taped with a Nak 700.

Hope this finds you all well and for those that do attend the reunion know that for me camp was the single biggest factor in my growth as a human being.

Love Always,

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Listen to an excerpt of the Brett Bush Interview:

Brett Bush [Download]


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