JFS #146 The Nicholas Meriwether Interview



Preservation is promotion when it comes to The Grateful Dead. Libraries are losing mass but not necessarily index when it comes to I formation.

The layover is striking. The origins of taping began with Jerry Garcia taping Bill Monroe concerts where once the note was released it was for the people to decipher the percussion elements of Mickey Hart vs. Kreutzmann Rockn Roll Dixie land with classical elements of Luciano Berio .

This music is captured inside the library my guest runs. The archival history of shows, conversations, abstractions, hallucinogenics and meloncholy bliss when the tour winds down.

He is a young collaborator who saw the dead in there later years and our now responsible with crafting legitimate historical narrative on the music because we were not so close.

He has been on the job for several years now and has written and pontificated and fostered visual art all the while trying to keep the GD relevant and not in a preserved state.

Like I said, when it comes to the GD. Promotion is preservation.



Listen to an excerpt of the Nicholas Meriwether Interview:

Nicholas Meriwether [Download]


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