The Gordon Lightfoot Interview


While this host has primarily looked state side for hotbeds of regional music there were cities north of the border that were just as impressive.North of the motor city lies Toronto in Canada which was a mix of immigrants and hillbillies. Farmers and Fishers and Indians all there to seek independence from the culture of conformity.Cats from cabbage town or the rural country where pussywillows and cat tails abound.This independence was a testament to knowing the land and inherently survival in this land.."write the music, write the chords, don't rely on others be self reliant.

My guest today is a dreamer, a poet and performer. He uses a multi sensory physiological structure to craft songs, see the earth, be the earth. Don't be thrown off by the early morning rain because it might be the most peace your going to get all day.

He relies, on analog cassette tapes, like this host, to write down lyrics, thoughts and ideas. There is no stimulation that is digital. He remains committed to painting his legacy year after year after year knowing that his greatest songs were in conjunction with Moonshine and bottles of beer- something about that spontaneity.

He is from the same area that has produced Joni Mitchell and Neil Young. The same city that has given us Garth Hudson  Richard Manuel David Clayton Thomas and the Shays...Lenny Breax.

Still driving motorcycles with Bob Dylan and the ghost of Rick Danko close behind he does not dwell on the past or obsess about the future. He stays in the moment and in music if your focus is there and your soul is there then that's when the intersection of music and magic occurs.

He's coming back to The Fox Theatre Feb. 8th Gordon Lighfoot a pleasure to welcome you to the JFS




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