The Taj Mahal Interview



Just happy being myself so says the man who is held together by music. Music played with adherence to the world around us and the unique features of each enclave, village and Appalachian trailed that has been carved out by man.

Sometimes I will travel back to Taiwan where my wife is from and I see the indigenous people, the Native Soil and the organic nature of life the way my guest creates music. From the earth itself.....

His grunting, scrapin' tripping, to get inspired. Learning from his dad who was privy to the swing of Bird, Monk, Basie, live Basie.....his mom cooking peach cobbler and bringing a southern expectation and swagger to the table.

Music is the salt of the earth. The roots must have been deep because this cat chose to play music. When harvested, cared for and loved his music transcends this earth and takes the audience with him. Although he loves the earth, he's more interested in evolving on the blues which go back to Diaspora and the lineage of all brothers.

Tempo change no problem just not going to tell anyone. He's playing with guys like Bill Rich, Howard Johnson and John Simon, David Grisman and Ralph McDonald who have the musical vocabulary to swing to the center of the world.

He's coming to the fox theatre October 12th. Taj Mahal welcome to the Jake Feinberg Show.



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