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The Allan Schwartzberg Interview


The Jewish musician, often an afterthought in melodic invention. Italians, Blacks, Latino's sure but prolific Judaic studio cats - get outta here.

Still when you immerse yourself within the musical tribe you find that the brothers come in all shapes and sizes, creeds and colors.

If you can keep time, play behind the beat or in front of it, hold it down While Harold Vick is blowing cosmic waves, lock the groove with James Brown or go cross country with Bob Mann then you begin to get an idea of my guests pedigree.

He swung himself through Lou Soloff's disco inferno and Melissa Manchesters mascara, he had a funky good time with Walter Bishop Jr, and snuck in through the back door with Robert Palmer.

He is a drummer who sees only two kinds of music just like Duke - good or bad. While this hosts obsesses about dexterity my guest is more consumed with the soul symphony of Mancini, Milhaud, The Temps, Limelighters, Skruggs and Cash.

He is in the same master drumming discussion as Hal Blaine, Ed Shaunessey, Harvey Mason, Dick Berk, Donald McDonald and Levon Helm.

He continues his prolific percussion work today with Big Dot Records and Deep Diner Music. Oh, and he got the memo about how vital his knowledge and wisdom has and will be for future generations.

Allan Schwartzberg welcome to the JFS