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Where have I known you before. The shadow of doubt that creeps into everyone's psyche as they journey through life. Some check out early, some stay late some exercise the power of the drum to create melodic invention and a style of communication that is a talk with the spirits sight unseen or heard. The essence of real music is shared creative communication. Striving to make everyone sound better doing your part to enhance to group sound. In this day in age the current brotherhood focuses more on the individual as opposed to the group. Look at me and my technique. The monsters chops not realizing that the more intellectual you get the more the music suffers. My guest today has kept his sanity and clairvoyance by swinging the band. The same way Gene Krupa and Joe Morello and Philly Joe Jones and Willie Bobo did. He is a master of holding it down, even when Mel Martin or Joe Henderson begin to take off he prevents them from fully connecting with eternity. For he understands that music is a communal event and its essence should marinate within all. He's a master of all trades, from country grass to Dixie Swing, modal black classical music  to Afro Cuban salsa. From Red Clay to Return to Forever to AZTECA to black stone Legacy my guest is a fearless performer who like Louis Hayes knows if he doesn't bring it - then there's no urgency -and if there's No urgency then there's no pulse. No worries says my guest. He still has a lot to say under a Havana moon or a blizzard in Brooklyn. Never old and in the way Lenny White welcome to the JFS   Listen to an excerpt of my interview with Lenny White; Lenny White



Listen to an excerpt of the Lenny White Interview:

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