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Why was the book written was to set the record straight? This is important because at one time post Jim Morrison there was a a harmony between Manzarek, Kreiger and my a spear they blazed through and became a band of melodic invention with studio cats like Ray Neopolitan Charles Lloyd, Bobbye Porter Hall and all the other ships with sails. Who do you think scouted this talent? Who do think was inside the Hollywood studios banging on vibes with Emil Richards or brought Harvey Brooks on a brief tour when Manzerek couldn't handle the bass lines guest.

This unison was channeled in a metaphysical sense from Maharisi Maresh Yogi who helped youthful rebels like my guest elevate to transcendental consciousness.
He visited the states often, held seminars, was connected to his students in the most intimate fashion this with the spawning of legal LSD  created by our government and lackadaisical music executives allowed for humanity to grow and the music to be full of all those spices. It operated in a free space, unencumbered by modern day pole testing and barrier laden music.

The book was written to show that people are corruptible, even people seemed saintly can become tainted with greed and lose the balance of craft, survival and soul. The maddening attempt to justify using the name The Doors to make millions of dollars so you can buy that 5th Lamborghini, the Mitt Romney La Cholla beach house even though Manzarek and Kreiger would have been kicked to the curb before the gig got started except for one Jim Morrison who created the poet warrior with an emphasis on art and not on the trolls whose double breasted suits reak of uniformity, elimination of humanity and authenticity. Team over the one.

You can do it all, you could before and it will be done again but not without insurgents like my guest providing a lineage parading  through college towns touring his new book and old wisdom. How to advocate for yourself, how to swing the band and how to look a bottom line corporation in the face and say thanks but no thanks to your millions of dollars because my soul and Atma will be better off for it. Standing for principles can be like sticking your head in the sand.....but when someone stands up for the values of a long lost brother honoring the same principles infused in him by that brother there is only one way to describe it. The anti-greed gene....

He doesn't apologize for these personality traits. Some where embedded in his soul by others he learned along the way with Francisco Aquabellella, Shelly Manne, Keith Rucker and Michael Stull.......

What to make of Jim Morrison I just don't know. He passed before I started this program. So i cant talk to him. As a journalist and a historian instead of watching movies or reading biographies I prefer to do primary source excavation with those still visiting this planet.

John Densmore a high honor to welcome you to the JFS.....





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