The Booker T Jones Interview



Before interconnection and the mass marketing of music you had regional music. Music that was created in the real time with definitive characteristics of certain parts of the country and its rhythms. Some had urban feels like The Chicago Shuffle and the beat of Dixieland or the fact that a tuba played the baseline. My guest today is responsible for creating a piece of regional American Music. One of the slow cooked south with a B-3 jamming in a crowded bar with Levon Helm and Mac Rebennack and Howard Johnson, Stephen Stills, Willie Nelson and Bill Withers. Back to records my guest made with the iconic rhythm section of Steve Cropper Donald Duck Dunn and Al Jackson Jr. A gymnasium of finger poppin' soul jazz that has mesmerized audiences for years. The marinating of Al Green, Otis Redding, and James Brown all passing through and playing with the baddest cats in town in the black neighborhoods back when venues were accessible. The love and what you chose to do with that love are a testament to the music and the musician. He can't solve everybody's problems....he busy cutting LA Jazz Song or playing flute with Rita Coolidge or showing up at the MIM in Phoenix. Booker T. Jones welcome to the JFS...




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