JFS #133 Howard Wales – Part II



My Brain is on a Subway as I head into the vortex of living the live…..do you practice what you preach on stage? Do you remember the cats who accompanied you into battle when the album is credited, or because of insecurity do you take all the credit?

These are obviously things that each musician has to deal with in his or her own individual way. My guest today is someone who has gone up against it in his musical life. He played with the Temps and was fortunate enough to be around when the chitlin circuit was hoppin’ the floorboards were shakin and all the fingerpoppin daddies were having a ball.

Bud Light didn’t sponsor everything with a streamed lined approach that saps the individuality away with pole tested focus groups……to find you must seek, which is what my guest has been doing of late with the release of his latest CD Faces which is deadicated to the late Tom Donlinger who was one heck of a gravity adjuster along with Boz Scaggs, Steve Miller, Ben Sidran and all the other crazy cats.

My guests albums have become cult classics all over the world and his recent international fame as prompted him to put together his own YouTube Clip showing off his cosmic keys. Howard Wales, welcome back to the JFS…..




Listen to an excerpt of the Howard Wales Interview:

Howard Wales [Download]


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