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Trippin’ With Tisziji Munoz


I had a fever and it was intense. As a child I was snuck into the Palladium and met peeps like Mongo Santamaria. It actually was like coming home. Coming from a culture that on the weekends particularly we would be congregating in the park for these meditations these descongas as they were called or discharges. The people are from the islands and in the same manor that people would go to church, they would feel the rhythms to calm the body. Whatever the people could make of the music, you had several drummers, got some horn players anybody and everybody was welcomed into this particular healing. From that culture which is a beautiful culture. It was socially integrated and tribal and functional in a social way. Then I found the Palladium. These guys found me playing my  five Conga  drums in Brooklyn Heights and they said; "man check this kid out! Check this cat out." I felt at home but It wasn't meant for me to stay with these Latin Cats. My particular function was to appreciate my roots as sacred feeling power and tune into the rhythms of the cosmos.

"I didn't know what music is or was. I just played it."