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The Lenny Kaye Interview……


Before interconnection there were regional hot beds of musical activity all over the country.

One such hub was New Amsterdam which is commonly referred to today as the Big Apple. NYC's folk acoustic music scene was spurred on by poets, journalists, activists and improvisers who blended social justice, life on the road and an adherence to roots music dating back to Charlie Christian, Mississippi  Fred McDowell and Robert Johnson.

My guest today is a guitarist who's original style and large musical vocabulary has allowed him to play across the entire musical spectrum.

His adherence to history and dissemination of critical art has made him one of the most unheralded producers, writers and archivist of the American convergence of society, commerce and an understanding that the music itself is above any one individual.

It's this philosophy and work ethic that led to a collaboration with Patti Smith who's messages of non conformity and individualism spawned the punk rock poet rock scenes of New York. His writings have appeared in the more commercialized Rolling Stone but also the local borough rags like fusion and Crawdaddy.

Time to further my education with Lenny Kaye. Welcome to the JFS.