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Miriam Makeba – A Promise


"A Promise"

Miriam Makeba is known for her traditional African songs. Acoustic in nature harkening back to the negro spirituals and chants from the motherland.

She was performing with the likes of Harry Belafonte and Odetta until the early seventies rolled around. At which point she carved out a new niche in the electric Southern California studio scene.

"The Promise" is a tantalizing array of ballads and gulf coast boogie. This is made possible by the work of Joe Sample on acoustic and electric piano accompanied by fellow Crusader Stix Hooper. Love songs turn to country/gospel to the galloping Graceland.

This is a slick LA production with David Axelrod conducting the strings. However with lots of percussion by Mayuto Correa, heavy wah wah guitar by David T.

Walker and Arthur Adams and Miriam allowing the musicians to create sound around her words makes this album a keeper. The lack of any synth is always a treat to this writers ears.

"The Promise" meshes the driving African rhythms with the burgeoning electronic soul/jazz scene of 1972.

My copy of this album was pressed on a French Label Sonodisc-Paris.

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