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The Dave Holland Interview…….


At times in life you feel adrift. Unable to harness the love and the passion that reins inside.

When you begin to evolve in any art you start on that far away Oregon Hill with a Hawk flying overhead. Knowing that John Mclaughlins guitar might swoop up and under and around my guests bass lines.

Slowly you build security in your own voice and sound so that your called upon to bluegrass country, to the Fillmore West, to Bearsville, to Europe, to a land of sunshine.

My guest today is a master of all trades when it comes to music. A cat who burns creation and passion and urgency into an amalgamation of paradigms that provide a natural high.

The live experience of playing three sets of music night after night after night with Miles Davis.

My guest was also a prolific studio musician at a time when identities were created, linear notes were written, pictures were taken and barriers had not gone up. My guest
Has played with Bonnie Raitt and Phil Wilson, Maria Muldaur, Nick Brignola, Roland Hannah and

and with the perfect balance of mathematics and soul. Powerhouse Jazz or chasing Colin Walcott's dancing tables or hitting the Nashville Skyline with bluegrass fiddlers or counting off one, two free with Eric Kloss and Pat Martino.

My guest remains a tour De force playing with George Cables, Jon Abercrombie Chick Corea or or at the Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix, AZ On October 4th for two sets of music with his band Prism. Bassist Dave Holland welcome to the JFS......