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JFS #127 The Phil Woods Interview….


My show has been predicated on leadership. Leadership from those who learned with and from the Titans.

Nelson Rockefeller no, Andrew Carnegie no, Im talking about Bird and Thelonius Monk and Dizzy Gillespie and Leonard Feather. Playing Jam sessions and communicating using non verbal communication. The idea that melodies and harmonies are words as well.

My guest today has been actively playing melodic invention for over 8 decades. It started with Buddy Rich and has continued with Bill Goodwin.

It started with a chateau in France with a European Rhythm Machine and has continued with engagements @ the venerable DELAWARE WATERGAP watering hole - The Deer Head Inn.

My guest today plays and writes across the swing spectrum. From Sonny Rollins to George Russell. From Oliver Nelson to Manny Album.
From Billy Joe to Bill Evans. Isn't that what jazz is? A blending a
off all musics.

The longevity of my guest speaks to his dedication to an apparatus. The alto Saxaphone that had Ritchie Cole dancing round Midnight and leaving Grady Tate for a late night rendezvous.

Peppering live audiences with plethoras  of notes designed to connect synapses that may be dormant or not functioning at all.

See that's the unquantifiable value of music - what it does to broaden your view. To get an education from geniuses in music has made me a wiser man today. One proud street scholar to another Phil Woods welcome to the JFS