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JFS #126 The Azar Lawrence Interview….

The foundations of a human being begin within their home.

The education, the adherence to a craft and not overcompensating with blind faith. My guest today had a bed rock in his home and it is because of his mother that he is where he is today.

Part of The JFS is to promote inclusivity as it relates to parents and their relationships with their kids.

I do this by talking to musicians like my guest who under the tutelage Erma gained an education thorough world experience, world sound and melodic invention.

My guest was enlightened to the creator and their impact on this earth by an apparatus. A horn that emits sequences of ideas and streams of knowledge that is at the core of true music.

The ability to heal and dance. To settle disputes through universal communication. To build a bridge to a new era after they themselves reached the bottom of the pit.

What started with his mom led to Raymond Pounds, Elvin Jones and McCoy Tyner who like Van Morrison and Bob Marley played music that transcended this orbit.

McCoy's band was tight knit- My guest, Joonie Booth and Alphonse Mouzon who he plays with today in Southern California with two other sages in spirit Theo Saunders and The Skipper Henry Franklin.

I witnessed my guest playing at the RG club in Venice and The Sea Bird Chicken and Waffles establishment in Long Beach.

I rocked back and forth to the undulating rhythms while my guest danced around the African JuJu with long improvisational riffs that make you think and think even more when you don't want to think.

He has bands on both coasts and seems to be rising on the burning shore before we all check out.
Quoting my guest, if you win one battle over yourself that's how you can experience growth.

Azar Lawerence welcome to the JFS