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The Spider Webb Interview…..


Multiple drumming techniques are taught by my guest. Machine Gun, rapid fire propulsion of the Commodores and Creative Source.

Sussex, Buddha, Motown, Columbia. The life of my guest. Back in the game when studio work was prevalent and inventive producers and arrangers like Quincy Jones, David Mathews and David Axelrod knew the kind of drummer they would need to fit the date.

My guest today is still flying around on his kit willing to play straight ahead intermeshed with Midwest RnB fills. He learned on the bandstand with King Curtis and Freddy King. The experience on the blues circuit that existed in this country.

Detroit, Chicago, LA, Lionel Ritchie, Chuck Rainey, Etta James, David Clayton Thomas, Letta Mbulu, Eddie Kendrick's and social justice performer Harry Belafonte.

His pocket groover is Chuck Rainey. They were a duo for so much music that cross over genres, was played by real human beings with the ultimate goal to make the leader sound as good as possible.

Today people sample his drum breaks and who knows maybe there's some University that teaches his technique but he is just a cat who wants to have fun and swing, be it in East St. Louis Illinois or Saginaw, MI or North of the Boarder in Canada or all over the world.

"Kenneth "Spider Rice" welcome to the JFS