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JFS #125 The Daoud Shaw Interview…..


"Ultimately in the big picture the best music happens live, I believe. In front of an audience where everyone is interacting and there's interplay. Everybody's playing at the same time the audience is playing @ the same time.

You may have preconceived notions before you hit the bandstand of what your going to do and how your going to do it- your going to get your favorite lick in here but magic happens when everyone is doing it together.

If you can capture some of that and at the same time you can hear everything real good and you got a great room sound and the detail is there then that is really a beautiful moment. As opposed to - we've all brought our hand held tape recorders to clubs if you really want to hear what the guitar player is playing or what the keyboard player is playing or what the singer has changed the lyric to that you really can't hear.

I have always been interested in creating some magic with the audio and try to capture the live performance vibe as much as possible.