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JFS #124 The Ben Sidran Interview……


So many now make up their own history. The economic, political and spiritual essence of this nation has been askew for quite sometime. I don't cry for no hipster.

Why should I?

This go it alone approach has not fostered but hindered the ability of bands to form a nucleus. A hard crusty nucleus like my guest today had with Clyde Stubblefield and Phil Upchurch or before that with The Ardells which was comprised of Boz Scaggs and Steve Miller.

I am not a hipster. I seek knowledge from those who were able to document the rhythms created during diaspora by primary source. The origins of the awkwardness, gentrification and racism and bigotry that still casts its ugly head in overt and covert ways

When Scaggs and Miller went to west Marin my guest decided to finish his degree and pursue a doctorate @ Sussex in England.

The regional music of The Midwest from Chicago to Detroit to Milwaukee. AB Skhye, the ability to uproot and relocate to a house boat and The Soul Turnaround of Blue Mitchell.

My guest has had a prolific career as a lead pianist and singer on his own records, found his way into Blue Thumb and recorded with Tony Williams.

But the Bums Rush came along so my guest has had to reinvent himself promoting the magic of writing books, performing for changing audiences as the urban grit disappeared and took the inner city funky blues with it.

The musician is the document," says Sidran. "He is the information himself. The impact of stored information is transmitted not through records or archives, but through the human response to life."

Putting In Time on Planet Earth Ben Sidran welcome to the JFS