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The David Sanborn Interview….


A mind expanding weekend for Jacob Feinberg. Through this process of cultivation my show has revolved around stories of leadership, patience, listening, intimacy and affirmation.

These are all character traits that have not all together evolved in this host. So in many ways I'm seeking wisdom and knowledge in my own life through musical masters. A true gift economy Neil Antonio Diamente.

These musicians come from all across the musical spectrum. This weekend alone I talked with Charlie Daniels in an interview at AZPM with Jim Blackwood. Then I get a call from David Sanborn's publicist who tells me he's available to reflect on his relationship with George Duke. Then today I get to chat with Peter Magadini who went to the SF conservatory with George Duke and became part of the trio @ the Half Note with John Heard. Here's to art history.

Magadini on Duke

"I was a student @ the same time he was (Duke) at the SF Conservatory. I started in '62 and he started in '63.

A lot of people don't know this about George Duke, but he was not a piano major at The Conservatory. His instrument was trombone.

George was an excellent trombone player he played in our orchestra and he played in a lot of the ensembles there. Our professors were composing very contemporary material or what might be called avant garde. We played compositions by our composers/teachers Robert Erickson, Lauren Rush, Darius Milhaud and Terry Riley. Both Milhaud and Riley were both living in the Bay Area and just coming on as composers. So in school George and I were involved in a lot of "new" music.

This is how George got exposed to that kind of free thinking about composition and playing and I believe this experience made him a natural fit for Frank Zappa's band."