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JFS #120 The Matthew Kelly Interview….


Along the way on this bus to never never land The spirits have helped bring me closer to my native seed. The ability at @ 32 years old to begin to harness my passion for music with my broadcasting prowess.

This is not to say that the journey has not been winding, laborious and full of lessons. Still, there are moments when you realize what your doing is painting a picture of Americana.

Mexico is the country south of the United States. And it's in the biggest of cities, Mexico, that my guest started his life.

He was around the Cunga as the city itself was thriving amongst the mix of Afro Cuban, Bossa and Native Rhythms.

Upon returning to the states as a kid my guest wound up living one block away from Bob Weir. While they never played music as kids it was an initial connection that would be amplified later on.

Before Kingfish, the British Gigs and   Partying with Brent Mydland  my guest had to stand out. He had to get up at an all black club, the kind that this host fantasies about,  and play his harmonica.

The blues leaders of the Day in the South Bay were the liked if Clifford Coulter, Johnny Carswell and Mel Brown.

One day in San Diego I walked into a record shop and noticed this Mel Brown LP and when I looked at the personnel there was my guest on Impulse late sixties and at that point the intersection had occurred.

Taking chances has been my guests whole life. Putting your best intentions forward willing to see a spark of creativity and also succumbing to the Harmony of the Underworld.

He has traveled and lived in some of the most spiritual places including India, Thailand  And the my guest continues to enlighten those who care to be en

Might as well get hyp